Six fun facts about The Netherlands

On October 30, 2017 by Dutch Umbrella Company

Maybe you’ve been in The Netherlands for a while, maybe you’ve just arrived or maybe you are planning on working and living here in the near future. Like every other country we have our own traditions, foods, jokes and sayings, famous buildings and cities. All mixed with some peculiarities of course. To help you get to know the Dutch culture more, we took the liberty of listing six fun facts about this little country with over 17 million inhabitants, which you are or going to be part of. 

1: More than a quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level.

Which means if we have a flood, we’re in big trouble! Our airport, Schiphol, is actually 4.5 meters below sea level. Although this might sound scary it’s been like this for a very long time and we’re one of the best in protecting our land from water and building water regulation systems. 

2: Yearly The Netherlands exports around 1,9 billion euro’s worth of beer around the world.

If you’ve been at a bar for drinks it has probably come to your attention that Heineken is sold nearly everywhere. This internationally famous beer was invented by the Dutch or to be more specific a Dutch man named; Gerard Adriaan Heineken. He founded the company in 1864 in Amsterdam.

3: Dutch people are the tallest in the world.

With an average height of 183 cm for men and 170 cm for women, us Dutchies are the tallest people in the world. Scientists believe it’s because of our DNA & (fairly) healthy diet.

4: Five of the ten people in the ‘top 10 best dj’s in the world’ are Dutch.

First place goes to Martin Garrix followed by Armin van Buuren (3rd), Hardwell (4th), Tiësto (5th) and last but not least, Afrojack (8th).

5: The Dutch made the orange carrots famous.

Dutch carrot growers developed orange carrots in the 17th century through careful breeding of existing varieties. The familiar orange color only appeared in the 17th century, which is not that long ago in the grand scheme of things. Why orange? It was the favorite color of the family that ruled the Netherlands, the Orange-Nassau dynasty, and in particular of William I, Prince of Orange.

6: There are more bikes than people in The Netherlands.

Since we don’t often have to travel far to get somewhere, we love our bicycles. You will have noticed the piles of bikes at the train station, or probably everywhere! There are an estimated 22,5 million bicycles in the Netherlands which comes to an average of 1.3 bikes per person.


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