Your health insurance: is it valid in your country of origin?

On July 8, 2015 by Dutch Umbrella Company

During your assignment in the Netherlands you will also be required to take out a private health insurance policy. This is a legal requirement due to the fact that you are socially insured in the Netherlands. We can arrange this on your behalf because we have a partnership with HollandZorg.

Healthcare in your country of origin?

If you work in the Netherlands, yet live abroad, you may also be entitled to your Dutch health care insurance in your country of origin. However, your country of origin must be a treaty country. You can find out if your country of origin is a treaty country by following this link.

E106/S1 form

If you have already confirmed that your country of origin is a treaty country and you have taken out HollandZorg Basic Insurance then you can use a E106/S1 form to apply for the right to medical care in your country of origin. It is also possible to use this form to insure your family. Using the E106/S1 form allows you to prove that you already have health insurance and that you are therefore entitled to reimbursement in your country of origin. This reimbursement is based on Dutch standards. However, please be aware that the costs will not always be fully reimbursed.


If you have any questions after reading this blog, please e-mail us at If you are interested in taking out health insurance through HollandZorg, the basic policy is mandatory and costs €88.23 per month throughout 2015. If you choose to take out insurance through HollandZorg, we will deduct the monthly premium from your net salary. Of course, you are free to choose any health insurance provider you want.