Why Dutch Umbrella Company?

Expertise and knowledge

We make sure you or the people working for you get paid in time and according to all Dutch regulations.

Registered with IND

All our entities are registered as a recognized sponsor by the IND, as mentioned in the Public Register Regular Labour and Highly Skilled Migrants.

No corporate requirement

No Dutch corporate structure is required to payroll your staff.

The latest news

Dutch life

Dutch public health insurance and the way it works

Everyone living in the Netherlands is obliged to have health insurance. This also affects highly skilled migrants, expats and foreign students. Although it is mandatory to have health insurance in the Netherlands, there are certain conditions which determine if you

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Press release

IND Brexit information letter for migrants

As you all know, the Brexit negotiations are in full swing. Therefore, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) are issuing a Brexit information letter for migrants. In this letter, you will read news facts and developments regarding Brexit. You

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Dutch life

Driving in the Netherlands with a foreign license

You already found a challenging job and a nice place to live within driving distance of your workplace. But can you still use your current driving license now you have moved to the Netherlands? We will explain all to know

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