Why Dutch Umbrella Company?

Expertise and knowledge

We make sure you or the people working for you get paid in time and according to all Dutch regulations.

Registered with IND

All our entities are registered as a recognized sponsor by the IND, as mentioned in the Public Register Regular Labour and Highly Skilled Migrants.

No corporate requirement

No Dutch corporate structure is required to payroll your staff.

The latest news

In focus

Brexit information

From 29th of April 2019 the Dutch government stopped sending the Brexit newsletters for British citizens in the Netherlands. Instead, the government launched a new webpage where you can find new developments regarding Brexit and how the Brexit affects you

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Ask our Expat Desk

Indian expats in the Netherlands

More and more expats from India come to the Netherlands each year. One of the reasons for this is that the Netherlands puts a lot of emphasis on innovation and the knowledge economy. This means that attracting highly educated knowledge

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Ask our Expat Desk

The E106 form: the validity of your Dutch health insurance in your country of residence

You arranged both your public and private Dutch health insurance and now you are probably wondering if you are also entitled to your Dutch healthcare insurance in your country of origin. In this blog we will answer two frequently asked

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